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IBM Has Introduced The World’s Smallest Computer


IBM has been the world’s oldest computing company as it was founded back in 1950. Technically, it is also the biggest company in terms of computing technology even though it might not be the most valuable anymore.

IBM and Its Legacy

In the late 1990’s IBM was all the rage in the technology world and the biggies of today like Microsoft and Apple were just fledgelings. IBM was the word associated with computing even before the likes of Intel and AMD were heard of.

As it so happens, IBM has faded from the chipmaking business and has been aggressively marketing IoT. In recent years it has made lots of strides in AI, Cloud computing and systems automation.

And recently, IBM has announced something that will personify its legacy as the world’s first computing brand. IBM has unveiled the ‘world’s smallest computer’ and if you think that it is just small then you are quite mistaken. The ‘world’s smallest computer’ is micro small. As a matter of fact, it is so small that it will fit on your thumb.

World’s Smallest Computer Announced

It has a computing power which is equivalent to that of an x86 chip from 1990, so it can be said that it is not even close to being the most powerful chip out there today. However, IBM has plans to use the data source for several blockchain-based applications. As per a blog post by IBM on one of its research handles, the “world’s smallest computer” has what one might call as crisscross of a million transistors and is an outcome of the company’s “Crypto Anchor” program.

Availability & Cost

Can this chip be available for the masses? There are some things that can just only be understood as a concept design. However, it is likely that we see mass production of the world’s smallest computer soon.

Although we know currently that the computer in itself can be considered as a research project, as of now, one can see that IBM has ambitions to make true at least one of its five predictions of technology turns that will take in the next five years.

Aside from the fact that these SoC’s are extremely delicate and also are incredibly small, IBM has made clear its intentions to manufacture these tiny computers for a cost as low as 10 cents which is under Rs 10.

IBM has explained that these, cryptographic anchors could make the blockchain a physical product wherein things such as chocolate or a bottle of wine could have the chip embedded in them.

As it is if IBM says that the production costs estimated are as the company claims, the goal of achieving its widespread adoption is not going to be too difficult. As a matter of fact, one can consider these crypto anchors as essentially working like secure digital watermarks which can possibly make counterfeit products a thing of the past.