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How Important Is The Selfie Camera On Your Smartphone?


I have seen my share of tech trends come and go. But one did take the world by storm and continues to do so is the selfie fever. While I type this out, thousands of people around the world have each taken a selfie with their spouse or date, or simply themselves.

Smartphone companies obviously have exploited this to their advantage. So they started working on the front cameras. Brands like Apple, Samsung and Oppo have poured in significant amounts of research money into developing even better cameras with every generation of smartphones.

We’ll get to specifics later. First, let’s talk about how this selfie trend became so viral that almost every other person got caught up in the hype. Even if you are one of those people who think taking selfies is narcissist, you must have taken or at least been part of one selfie. Such is the power!

Origin and Rise

Fun fact: First Selfie was taken in 1839 by Robert Cornelius.

Ever since Oxford English Dictionary announced ‘selfie’ as word of the year in 2013 and added it to its collection of words, the fire only spread. Taking selfies became the favorite past time of the millennials. Then thanks (or maybe not) to The Chainsmokers for making sure that it remained.

What factors affect the image quality?

The quality of a selfie camera depends on many factors. There is a common misconception that megapixels in a camera determine the quality of the photo. While it’s true that the megapixels do affect the camera quality, there are other factors which play a major part.

Resolution, sensors, aperture and algorithmic software inside the phone decides the clarity and quality of the selfie camera. The sensors help in avoiding the noisy, inaccurate pictures and give a clear, bright picture. Aperture controls the amount of light going into the lens and software makes sure that your picture looks good.

Selfie Smartphones To Pick

Now coming back to the big players, let’s discuss their best selfie phone so far. After the launch of Apple iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S8, it was evident that these two phones will be in the fight for the best camera competition. But Oppo left no stone unturned. With the release of F1, it made sure that its presence did not go unnoticed.

It is evident that these 3 phones are in stiff competition when it comes to the quality of the front camera. Oppo has highly impressed its customer base with its camera quality. Thanks to its large lens aperture of f/2.0, the photos are just the right amount of bright. Galaxy S8 has also received a lot of appreciation for its fine front camera.

But in all fairness, iPhone 7 has defeated the likes of both when it comes to the quality of selfies. With an aperture of f2.2 and 7 megapixel sensors, Apple does manage to steal the show.

No matter which phone you have got, never hesitate while taking a selfie. Capture your happy moments and celebrate life in all aspects. Your day might have not been the best but a smile and good selfie can always help you get your confidence back!


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