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How to Improve Your Android phone Performance?


In this blog we will talk about some tips on how you can improve performance and speed of your android smartphone


Tip 1: Don’t be the first one to upgrade your Android. Usually the latest upgrade has bugs which may slow your phone down. The bigger the software update, the slower the phone is likely to become. Wait and see if anyone else who has same phone and has completed the update or wait for stable upgrade for your phone before jumping on to the latest android ship.

Tip 2: Better utilization of flash disk space. The easiest way to improve smartphone performance for your Android device is to get rid of all unnecessary material. If there are apps which you downloaded but don’t use then its better you delete them and have apps which you use more. Free space means faster phone.

Tip 3: Keep updating your frequently used apps. Most apps keep launching updated version of their app which are faster but smaller in size. Keep updating apps so that you use faster apps

Tip 4: Don’t use the expandable memory to run apps. Instead use it to store music, pictures and video. Running apps from an external memory card will make your phone slower as it will need to copy in internal memory before it can run them.

Tip 5: As in the case of Laptops it always helps to reboot your phone regularly because it forces the phones to restart all apps which helps to speed up the phone.



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