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How to Increase Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

increase smartphone battery life

Most of us like to have our phones last longer after each time we juice them up but sadly, the latest phones have got so many features that run and require a lot of power therefore drastically reducing battery life of your handsets.

But don’t worry, there are a few tips and tricks that you can use to help your phone battery last longer. In this article, we are going to help you out with that.

#1 Do Not leave Apps running in the background


Your phone apps suck in a lot of battery life, even to just stay right there in the background doing virtually nothing. Reduce your CPU workload by killing these apps using a task manager and also reduce the consumption of RAM. This can help you increase the length of time your phone lasts between every charge by a lot.

#2 Tips for your phone display


Your phone display is a BIG sucker. Rightly so, it is the component which consumes the highest amount of power to be run. To reduce the power it uses and let this be used for other tasks you can perform two simple tasks:

#1 – Reduce you screen brightness

Your screen brightness plays a vital role in sucking power for apparently only keeping the display at bay, lower the brightness if you are in desperate need of your phone otherwise keep it in auto brightness which will conserve battery life.

#2 – Keep your screen timeout at small intervals

Keeping your screen timeout will reduce the time the phone display stays on when the phone is idle, i.e. no task is being done on the phone except for the background processes.

#3 Connectivity


Latest phones come in with so many different connectivity options that they pull up your little battery’s power like an energy drink. Follow these few steps to make your battery last longer:

Keep your WiFi switched off when it is not in use

WiFi conserves a lot of power, so when not in use, it should be switched off to conserve power.

Toggle your Bluetooth off when not in use

Another battery sucker is your Bluetooth, this too is recommended to be switched off when not in use.

GPS also should be switched off when you don’t need it

Just like the previous two, GPS also drinks battery like water.

Mobile data should be toggled off when not being used

Mobile data may be the connectivity option which consumes the maximum battery life. Switch it off if you want your dear battery to last longer.

#4 Do Not use Vibrate


The vibration feature is an awesome one in any phone for notifications, but it also consumes a lot of power. If you don’t need it, we recommend you to switch it off to consume useful power.

#5 Use Battery Saving mode


Most phones come with this mode which reduces the CPU load, RAM usage, brightness et cetera. This is very useful when you are in an emergency situation or such when you need your phone to run longer. If you don’t have an in-built mode of suck kind, you can always download third party app which perform similar tasks.

Of course, if these aren’t working out on your smartphone – it might well be the case that your smartphone has lived its life. In that case, it’s time to upgrade. That’s what we at ReGlobe are here to help you out with. Check out our Refurbished buying options to pick yourself a new smartphone for extremely tempting prices!



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