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Indian Gaming League All Set To Take Off In India!


The much famed e-sports is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. However, the latest buzz is that after tasting a lot of success in the Western and Asian markets, e-sports has finally arrived in India. It is indeed good news for us all the gaming enthusiasts out there. Founders Yash Pariani and Krish Galiani are looking forward to fill the vacuum between online & offline sport events via the Indian Gaming League.




Launched earlier this February, e-sport has entered the Indian market with IGL, i.e., the Indian Gaming League. The Indian gaming market is mobile-centric and the current mobile game market is valued at around half a billion. Moreover, with console-based games like Nintendo, Sony and more, it is expected to increase to $1 billion.


Having witnessed the passion for gaming in India and its scope in the Indian market, e-sports founders finally took their decision to enter the Indian market. Gaming freaks don’t spend eight to nine hours in a cafe, playing games not just for the sake of their hobby but because gaming is their passion. With the aim to give these gaming fans a platform where they could convert their passion into a profession, e-sport is expected to be a huge success.




With Indian Gaming League, e-sport also plans to turn unemployment into an opportunity for the gaming freaks to earn while they follow their passion. The players associated with IGL will be able to earn within a bracket of 1.2 lacs per annum to 3 lacs per annum just by playing. In case of multiple player games, team could earn upto $1,000 per month as well.


As mentioned earlier, this league will be played both online and offline. The gaming audience has a lot of expectations from E-sports. This initiative also received a lot of support as many corporates, startups and Bollywood personalities expressed great interest in buying teams in the league.




So far, IGL has tied up with Sony which will be the event’s hardware partner, Paytm will be the online partner to assist with all monetary transactions and RedBull will be the event sponsor. Games like Dota2, Fifa, Counterstrike, League of Legends, Call of Duty & Halo are included in the league. As exciting as it sounds, IGL is much awaited and it is anticipated to do a great business in India.



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