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Instagram Now Lets You Reply to Stories with Pics

Instagram Now Lets You Reply to Stories with Pics

Last year, Instagram introduced the Stories feature. Now, another dimension has been added. Users can now reply to Stories with a picture or video.

More Flexibility

While this isn’t the first time Instagram is adding new features to its app, it’s definitely welcome. We can use the creative tools present with the Instagram camera to share our feelings. These tools include stickers, filters and Boomerang. What’s even more interesting is the addition of a sticker which contains the original Story we are replying to.

This sticker can be positioned anywhere on the screen after proper resizing. When we reply with a photo or video, it will be shown to the recipient’s inbox. The sender will receive a notification if the recipient screenshots or replays the photo or video reply to their story. This can be regarded as quite a significant change because it makes the Stories feature considerably more interactive and engaging.

The Rivalry Continues

This new addition makes the Stories feature and Instagram, in general, a lot similar to Snapchat, which enjoys massive popularity because of its creative and interactive features.

Just imagine how compelling it would be to share your Stories when you can have such an interactive medium. It just adds to the overall fun quotient, and drives it up too. It presents an opportunity for Instagram to be more engaging as Snapchat has shown by its acceptance.