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Instagram Is Testing A New ‘Favorites’ Feature

Instagram Is Testing A New 'Favorites' Feature

The most cherished photo-sharing application Instagram, after crushing Snapchat lately, is now ready to deploy a new feature called “Favorites”. And there’s enough hype around it already.

What Is Favorites?

Favorties will be a customized list specially curated for you to share your special moments with them. Do you recall the “Favorites” feature in Hike? This is similar. You can share your photos with friends, but not anyone else from your followers. Beta testers further mentioned that a tab, cloaked in a star logo, will be available to show all the posts you have shared with your friend.

The feature is simple to use, as you can always add or remove friends as per your choice. Moreover, the users who have been removed from your “Favorites” list will not be notified. Sadly, it is still unknown the number of contacts you can add to your “Favorites” list.  

Instagram Is Testing A New 'Favorites' Feature

Having a green badge with a star at the right corner, the photos will give you a hint that you are now a part of your friend’s “Favorites” list. This is more of a closed group idea where people are more likely to converse in an intimate manner. The update is now available for only a handful of users and soon will show its fresh face to the globe.


Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has pulled in 700 million users on to its platform. With its recent development through Story and Archive features, users can post temporary updates and archive them as well. Only time will tell whether this feature will be successful.