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It seems, Instagram is winning over SnapChat..

instagram over snapchat

Instagram, Tumbler, Facebook and Snapchat all lived in harmony for quite some time. But everything changed when Instagram snatched Snapchat’s trademark feature with a singular update – that of Stories. There has always been a debate which is a better story service between Snapchat or Instagram. And while Snapchat loyalists haven’t jumped shift, each platform has its own unique strength, weakness and best use cases. It then boils down to your personal choices.

The History of The Stories Rivalry

For years now Snapchat has flaunted its flagship story feature, allowing the users to take mini videos of their life events and sharing it with their friends. However, last year, rival Insta decided to come up with the exact same features, and added its own texts and emojis.

instagram over snapchat

Though Snapchat has had an upper hand on most of its filters, it wouldn’t be a a lot of time before Instagram overtakes that too. Snapchat lets you add your location, time and temperature and n number of crazy stickers. Instagram meanwhile has tried to keep it minimal with its cool fonts which make the stories look fancy and classy for all the millennial out there.

Instagram added the Stories features in August 2016, almost 5 years after Snapchat introduced it. According to an announcement, this feature has already hit 200 million daily users. This seems to be well above Snapchat’s daily user count.


Though the number says otherwise, it may be too early to write off Snapchat from the race. As more engagement numbers come out over the next few quarters, this difference could become more apparent.