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Interchanging Micro USB Chargers – Does It Really Matter?

interchanging micro usb charger

There was a time when your phone charger was the first thing you packed before heading out. But now, it’s a common practice for you to not carry your charger along when you’re visiting someone, or going on a trip. That’s because you’re pretty confident that somebody among your friends or the people around will have a charger that can charge your phone on easily.

When you look to buy a used cellphone, or a secondhand mobile, it may not come with a charger, but chances are, you would have struck a good deal. You would mostly go ahead since you already have an existing charger. But is it wise to swap micro USB chargers? What effect does it have on your phone? Let’s try and dissect this topic keeping in mind that it may also come in handy if you’re looking to sell your used mobile phone.

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Interchanging Micro USB Chargers Between Devices Causes No Problem

The rating mentioned on the charger indicates the number of amps one can draw from it. Whereas the voltage specifies how hard it pushes the current flow. It’s ok to use other micro USB chargers for your device without causing any harm. There was a ruling passed mentioning that all mobile phones should use micro USB chargers so that there’s less wastage, and more scope for reusability.


Don’t Use A Charger Which Provides Lower Rating Than What Your Device Requires

There may be cases where your device needs a higher rating charger, and you use a charger that is designed to provide current at a lower rating instead. Though it charges your phone without any problem, the charger might burn out because of overheating. If you use a charger which has a much higher rating that what your device needs, that’s not a problem. The device draws out only the amount of current that is needed to charge the phone.

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Reusing Chargers Are Cost-Effective And Convenient For Customers

Most mobile manufacturing companies these days are coming up with cellphones which have chargers with a micro USB interface. This has made it very convenient for most people because they get to use any phone with any charger. Also, for instance, if you want to buy an old mobile, or a secondhand cellphone, which doesn’t come with a charger, you can always use your existing charger with it. It saves you money and lets you take the full benefit of your charging device.


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