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Internet Withdrawal Increases Blood Pressure: Scientists


From staying in touch via email or buying groceries online, the internet has changed the way we think, how we work and how we perceive our life. Heck, it’s changed the entire planet. It is now a necessity and not the luxury it was nearly a decade ago.


This brings us to a question whether extensive use of internet is bad for our health. A new study finds that heavy internet usage is connected to blood pressure. The study showed that people who spend at least 14 hours a week online were more likely to have higher blood pressure. Other such research is being made connected to heavy internet usage with health issues including anxiety, depression and obesity.

Professor Phill Reed form Swansea University says “we have known from some time that people who are over dependent on digital devices report feeling of anxiety when they are stopped from using them. But now we can see that this physiological effect is accompanied by actual physiological changes.”

The study involved participants aged from 18-33. Their heart rates and blood pressure was measured along with anxiety and self-reported internet addiction.


While dependency on the internet is almost essential to our lives now, it’d be wise if it didn’t consume us. The changes are not likely to be life threatening. But the physiological changes and relatable increase in anxiety may be responsible for some people’s need for re-engage with digital devices.