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Introducing Cashify ScreenPro, With An Offer For First Time Users


So you’ve found yourself in a situation where you need to repair your smartphone’s broken screen again. Now, there’s always the usual route – changing your smartphone screen at a local repair shop. But chances are high that if you do not know the place that you will get ripped off. The other solution is to go to your smartphone’s official licensed showroom. Here, chances are that you will burn a big hole in your pocket.

So what now?

A phone with a broken screen is not a great one to use, and if you have a capacitive screen then your phone won’t work at all. Fortunately, there is one place you can look to for guaranteed screen replacements at very minimal prices. Cashify, with its ScreenPro service, will provide you with a replacement for your broken screen at an offer you can’t refuse.

Cashify ScreenPro gives you:

  • Your screen repaired at your convenience, and
  • At the place you want. Whether you are at home or at the office.
  • Cashify will send one of its executives to assist you with the screen repair and replacement.

ScreenPro allows you to book a service 24X7 at any time of the day. It also will give you instant quotes on screen replacement depending on the smartphone maker and the model number of your smartphone. The quotes are generated in the best possible manner for your convenience and you can save nearly 40 percent by using ScreenPro.

To top it all, ScreenPro also offers a 6 month warranty on the screen. So yes, there is no hassle on the consumer’s side. Again we reiterate that the screen replacement process is as easy as 1-2-3:

  • Get a quote.
  • Book an appointment.
  • Relax while the Cashify executive comes to your place and fixes your smartphone.

It is imperative that the customer gets no trouble from our end, and so we’ve put highly proficient and trained technicians on the job to handle the delicate task of screen replacements. The process really can’t get more simpler than this. Plus, there is no need for the customer to worry about things like data theft or have any other kinds of security concerns.

For First Time Users

Oh but again, it doesn’t stop here.

If this is the first time you are using the services of ScreenPro, you’re in luck. Use the coupon PRO200 for getting Rs 200 off on your screen replacement. As a Cashify customer, it is quite clear that you will get unparalleled advantages compared to when you are trying to get your screen repaired at any local mobile shop or at some official service centre of your product. Dodge the hassle. Use ScreenPro.