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iOS 10 Tips and Tricks: Hands on with the Hidden Features


Every year Apple comes up with its newer iteration of Mobile Software, ‘iOS’ along with the new iPhone at their annual event and they load it with tons of features. This year along with iPhone 7 they have released iOS 10, the best in class mobile operating system from Apple till date. Apple has rolled out the update for all its previous smartphones and tablets. There are a ton of features baked into the latest iOS but the Apple keynote has highlighted the major upgrades. There are few more hidden and interesting features built into the latest iOS 10 which we will highlight it to you today.

Turn your iPhone camera into a virtual magnifying glass

How to use the Magnifier in-iOS 10

The new accessibility feature in iOS 10 works like wow. Users can use their iPhone camera to zoom in a text at a distance. Enabling the option is easy, head over to Setting > General > Accessibility > Magnifier and you’re done and to access it anytime from anywhere, just click the home button thrice.

Use Siri to retrieve Hard-To-Find photos

Use Siri to retrieve hard to find photos

Siri has just got a lot smarter. It can now search for photos based on a particular date, time frame or location. You can simply call up Siri and ask it to show photos from a specific date.  This feature is not just limited to date, you can even use location and search for person-specific entries. This feature works with pictures as well as videos.

Quickly browse through only your unread e-mails

Quickly browse through only your unread emails

In iOS 10 Apple has specifically added a button in their mailbox which will dedicatedly show just the unread emails and it’s located in the bottom left of the device. Just tap once to go to ‘Unread Mails’ mode and once done checking those emails, tap back to return to the normal view.

Limit what can be seen on your iPhone lock screen

Limit what can be seen on your iPhone lock screen

iOS 10 has got a bunch of new features and ‘Raise to Wake’ feature is one of them. It is one convenient feature and iPhone users can pick up their devices and quickly get a glance at their notifications. To take more control of your lock screen, simply navigate to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and scroll down until you see the ‘Raise to Wake’ option.

Re-enable touch to unlock

Change iOS lock screen

Starting with iPhone 5S Apple home button needs to be pressed in order to read the fingerprint and unlock the device. The same happens with iPhone 7 but there is an option which can enable touch to unlock the device. Navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button and switch on Rest Finger to Open and you’re good to go.

Send handwritten notes and doodles in Messages

Send handwritten notes and doodles in Messages

This feature just works in landscape mode. While typing texts in landscape mode, the bottom right corner gets a squiggly lined button. Tapping that will allow you to write doodle and hand-written texts and send it to your loved ones.

Use 3D Touch to quickly create a checklist

Use 3D Touch to quickly create a checklist

If you use the inbuilt notes app with 3D touch feature, you’ll be prompted to create a check-list. Isn’t that interesting?

Unlimited Safari tabs

Unlimited Safari Tabs

Many users like to work on multiple tabs and they tend to open new tabs every now and then. iOS 9 had a limitation of 36 tabs which could be opened together but starting iOS 10, there is no such limitation till infinity.

Share, work on Notes together

Share work on Notes together

The Apple ecosystem was awesome and with this feature it just got some more attention. Now users can work together on a project from different devices. All they need to do is to tap the share button on the top of the screen and enter the name of the person whom you wish to send and hit the enter button.

Take a photo while listening to music

Take a photo while listening to music

This is one of the best features which Apple has added. Previously while taking a quick snap during music playback used to pause the music for a while but from now on the music will continue as it is and you can enjoy clicking! Though this feature is limited to taking snaps only while it restrict Live Photos.

There are a couple of more features which will make your iPhone usage handy and much convenient than ever before. We have selected our best pick of iOS 10 features for now. We hope these features will help the iOS users to get more and master their device. For more technology updates, keep following Cashify!


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