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iOS 11.3 To Show iPhone Performance And Battery Stats

Source: Firstpost.com

Apple had been in a big soup recently after it admitted to slowing down older iPhones with new software updates. Many in the tech community and the public in general, completely roasted the company and filed multiple lawsuits against them. Apple was forced to issue an apology, something it usually doesn’t do. It offered to replace the battery for reduced costs for iPhone 6 and above.

Battery Transparency

Another thing that Apple had promised was that it’d let users know how much battery and performance was being throttled in future updates and give users the opportunity to disable them. This facility will now ship in the iOS 11.3 update, for which Apple has rolled out a beta version on many of the iPhone models.

In this update, the Settings menu will display another tile wherein the iPhone’s battery health and performance stats will be given, Clicking on that you will notice how much the new software update will slow down your phone so that your battery can be saved. The user has the option to turn of this throttling of the device if they want to but the phone’s battery life will be affected by it.

In any case, with the upcoming iOS 11.3, Apple is trying to redeem its reputation and win back the faith of the Apple-loyalists. Let’s hope the company doesn’t make a similar mistake in the future.