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iOS 12.1 Will Fix Selfies On iPhone XS and XR


The camera on Apple’s iPhones has always been highly appreciated and sought after by its fans. It remained the most popular camera phone because of its unflinching and consistent performance year after year, until recently.


A ‘Beauty-gate’ bug cropped up to hound Apple with the release of iPhone XS and iPhone XR, where users realized that their clicks, especially the ones from the selfie camera, tended to have their faces smoother than usual. The near-perfect images with reduced blemishes, blurred scars, and rosy glow looked unnatural to many users and the dissatisfaction in the feedback and reviews could easily be seen.

Often, brands like Huawei, Samsung and others are blamed for employing such beautification filters. The reason for the occurrence was stated as the HDR base frame being incorrect during the processing when a selfie was taken. A longer shutter speed was chosen instead of the one with a short shutter speed so that the motion could be frozen and details preserved. Moreover, an there was the absence of optical image stabilization in the front camera made things worse. This made the shots blurry and unrealistic. This loss of detail led to the smoothing.

Fix is coming

The beauty-gate bug was certainly unique to the new iPhones, but with 12.1 iOS, Apple claims to do away with the abnormality. In its beta phase right now, iOS 12.1 that will employ the sharpest base frame for the HDR merge function when selfies will be taken. Testing phase will soon be over and it should hit your iPhones shortly.

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