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iPad Air vs iPad Mini with Retina Display


Improvising on an innovation by Microsoft, Apple had launched what now is the most famous tablet on the planet, the iPad, which is now called the iPad Air. Extending this device range, Apple launched a variant of its iPad with a smaller screen size, the iPad Mini. The iPad Mini also recently received the famed Retina Display featured on most of the other ‘i’ devices by Apple. Let’s see which of the two iPads better appeals to which part of the consumer space.




The first and most obvious difference between the two, the iPad Mini gets the ‘Mini’ moniker for a reason; its smaller screen. The smaller 7.9 inches screen of the Mini has the same resolution as the larger 9.7 inch model. That means that the iPad Mini’s screen is sharper than the normal iPad’s. Both the iPads boast a resolution of 2048×1536. But as the resolution is high enough to surpass the human eye’s tendency to differentiate between pixels, the ppi is not going to make the iPad Mini’s screen exponentially sharp.




Both the iPads share almost the same specifications. Both feature A7 processors. Both have the same 5MP rear camera and 1.2MP front camera. Both have the same 7.5mm thickness too! They also have similar battery life i.e. 10 hours. The only major difference between these two is their display size. The iPad Air has a 9.7 inch 2048×1536 resolution display with a pixel density of 264 pixels per inch. The iPad Mini, however, has a 7.9 inch display with the same resolution of 2048×1536 pixels, giving it a pixel density of 326 ppi. Apple decided to have the same resolution for both the differently sized tablets to facilitate the development of applications for both the devices in a single way. Had the resolutions been different for the tablets, application developers would have to design different apps for both of them. In real life, this pixel density difference will not be a big game changer as the human eye cannot distinguish any resolution having a density more than 220 ppi.


Then the only difference between these tablets is the size and the display.


Then which iPad is better for you?

The larger iPad Air is suitable for people who literally work on their tablets. This is due to the iPad Air’s larger display, which aids in better content creation ability and is a suitable replacement for a PC. The iPad Mini, on the other hand is better for those who consume a lot of data, due to its large but relatively small display. Also, the iPad Mini may appeal to women more than it does to men, due to its ‘Pursable’ size. In the end, both the devices are equally capable of doing what they are meant to be. Both are prices similar. Both have similar spec sheets. Both run on the latest version of iOS and are also fated to update to the upcoming iOS 9. Both have the same beautiful metallic design.

Apple, by selling tablets of two different sizes, is targeting all the consumers based on their sweet spot of size for a tablet. People who want a bigger screen may opt for the Air and those who like the smaller one with better portability may choose the Mini as their companion.


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