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Why the iPad is better than all other tablets


Tablet computing is an age old concept, but it was brought into fashion only in the last decade. There have been many companies which have worked to perfect this slab of a device. Brands have been trying hard to make their tablets as powerful as any desktop computer and also as portable as a mobile phone. Competition is tough between the giants but until now, there is undoubtedly only one king in the tablet industry, the Apple iPad.

Some may argue with the above stated fact, but this article will convince you that the iPad is by far the best tablet in the market today.


Brands try their best to make their products appealing. But if you want to learn to make beautiful hardware, Apple is your best teacher.


This Tech-Giant has always had a top notch in designing its products to be good looking. With the beautiful aluminum uni-body design and the superb displays it uses, it’s hard to resist any Apple device. The iPad is no different.

From the first generation of this device we have seen Apple always make an effort to make the design good. From the screen, the speakers, the back panel to the cameras, everything about the iPad speaks premium.

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Every person wants their cash to be worth the devices they buy. Performance is one such benchmark which every single one of us takes into consideration.


The iPad has always been a flawless device. With ample amount of RAM and latest chipsets to boost the tablet, this piece of hardware will never lag. Let it be gaming, browsing the internet or plain reading a book, the iPad will never disappoint you.


Anyone who picks up an iPad even for the first time will be easily able to use it, may it be your five year old, your dad or even your granddad. The interface of the iPad is very simplistic and minimalistic, only housing things that matter to you the most and avoiding all the other rubbish.


This not only makes the iPad easier to use, but also makes its performance considerably better than other tablets which have all sorts of junk in them.

Multitasking too, in the iPad is very easy to learn and very efficient to the core.



Each iPad has been upgraded to the latest firmware which is stable for the tablet. Unlike other tablets, Apple puts effort even in the outdated devices and tends to get users firmware upgrades to make it a good experience for them.

Premium Quality Apps

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The AppleStore has always had high quality apps. New apps first debut in the AppleStore and then are ported to other platforms.


If you want cool apps to be at your fingertips first, the iPad should be your choice.

These were just a few of the major reasons why the iPad is the best tablet out there. So, the nest time you need a tablet computer, make sure it’s an iPad.


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