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iPhone 7+ flaunts its powerful camera with this lovely ad


Imagine a crowded place, and yet it might still be less crowded than China.

Well, that seems to be the location of Apples new ad, demonstrating the power of its iPhone 7+ camera.

The story begins with a couple stuck in the buzzy-ness of China’s locale, where the guy pulls out his iPhone 7+, turns on the camera and switches to portrait mode. Suddenly every human vanishes into the thin air as the camera focuses strictly on the subject (a cute girl).

And when you are all by yourself with your loved one the ambiance grows cheerful. A sweet song blends in the background and love takes over with some sipping & sliding around.

Even if the ‘crowd dissolving’ thing could not be true, but for those few moments when the portrait mode is on, expect nothing less. It practically is magic when you’re shooting on iPhone 7+ and nothing delivers the idea of focussing on what you love better than this ad.

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Hope you enjoy this beautiful clip and fall in love with Apple for yet another reason.