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iPhone 8, The next sensational flagship from Apple


iPhone is one of the most powerful feature-rich smartphone existing on this planet and every year the Cupertino giant amazes us with different and awesome technical implementation in their new flagship device. This year we’ve seen the iPhone 7 coming into life which has gone jack-less and has added the ability of professional level of photography with the dual camera setup in the iPhone 7 Plus and this being the first time ever the device got resistant to water. It’s been almost 3 months the iPhone 7 is launched and with that, the rumors for the iPhone 8 has started surfacing the web (apart from the AirPods news which is available now for sale). In this blog, we will be discussing the upcoming device from Apple and its much-anticipated features. Let’s dig deep to find more.




We’ve seen that the new Apple iPhone 7 rocks a A10 Fusion Chip which is 64-bit SoC built on 16-nm FinFet Technology but if the new rumors are considered to be true, the new A11 chip, which will deliver power to the iPhone 8 will be built on 10-nm technology, giving a brief idea of more powerful processing and at the same time much efficient battery management. Considering the GPU in the iPhone 8, a new report indicates that Imagination Technologies may soon release a new PowerVR GPU that will go into the 2017 iPhones, and possibly the next iPhone features the same.

Few leaks suggest that Apple has been testing as much as 10 Prototypes for its upcoming iPhone which can change the entire face of the smartphone industry. It is being said to equip an edge to edge display which will cover up the entire front panel. It can also equip the Touch ID into the screen itself such that the user need not have to touch the specific part to unlock the device and with this they might vanish the home button from their Apple devices forever.


There are also rumors of the new variant of iPhone having flexible OLED display which will be segregated in the category of high-end models. Despite the regular Retina Displays, the 2017 version of iPhone might see light to the OLED display too. This premium model will be sold alongside usual ones. Till now we have seen a metal chassis and a supreme round-edged design in iPhones starting iPhone 6 till now but we might see a new form factor and new material in the upcoming version of the device, which could be even glass.

Now coming to the biggest leaks from various sources, the latest iPhone might include a wireless charging technology, which is not only a normal wireless charging like we have seen in Qi style induction charging panels, but it will be a long distant charging technology which can charge the device up to a range of 15 feet. This technology is far more advanced from the normal Wireless charging technology, users need to position a base station in their home whereupon a tiny chip in a mobile device can connect to it and soak up the power through the air. If the new iPhone successfully implements this technology in their upcoming flagship then this can become a game changer in the smartphone industry.

iPhone 8_latest release

Now coming to the final part, the nomenclature of the device. Apple has followed a stereotypic nomenclature from the very past and there are no reports regarding any new involvement in this part so we can expect it to go with the present flow and coin it as iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and so on.

That’s all for now. Hope we get to see a super smartphone from Apple this fall. We will be back with some more updates, review and news soon. Till then keep reading Cashify updates.


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