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iPhone 8: Rumours Roundup

Should you wait for iPhone 8?

Everyone in the mobile world is talking about only one thing and will continue to, until 12 September, when the much anticipated next generation iPhone is announced. Apple events have in themselves become a standard which is pretty much unmatched by all other launches. Another standard by now is the amount of leaks we see before the launch.

3 iPhones

The iPhone 8 or iPhone X, has been the centre of leaks, rumours and speculations, as are all the iPhones just months or weeks away from their launch. Here is a complete roundup of all the information secured or rumoured about the new iPhone which is speculated to be announced besides the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus.

Many reports have stated that the iPhone 8 will launch with a starting price of $999. The New York Times also reaffirmed previous reports that the phone would feature an all-screen front and wireless charging support.


A video, originally posted to Chinese social network Weibo, that seems to show an iPhone 8 going through a Touch ID verification test, despite previous reports that the iPhone 8 would lack Touch ID. It was believed that the phone would most likely have a face recognition technology in place. This could be a worthy replacement for Touch ID for many, with the feature reportedly able to unlock the phone within milliseconds.

Apple Leak Hints at Massive iPhone 8

A new post on Chinese social networking site Sina Weibo (via Tech Grapple, claims that a new color for the iPhone 8, previously identified as “copper,” will instead be known as “blush gold.”

According to details uncovered by developer Steve Troughton-Smith, the home button, which will entirely virtual now, will be up for resizing by users, and possibly even hidden.

More details got leaked in Apple’s apparent mismanagement of their HomePod firmware and developer Steve Troughton-Smith has offered more details on the upcoming iPhone 8 from his delving into the HomePod firmware. It seems that the new phone may have a resolution new to the iPhone lineup, 1125×2436.


The iPhone is likely to have a 5.8 inch OLED edge-to-edge display with an ‘all-glass’ construction. Finally, we might just see wireless charging support on the iPhone. The processor will be of course, be an all new Apple A11 chip with a rear-facing Touch ID sensor. It will also ship with iOS 11 with an improved Siri and P2P payments. Additionally, support for LTE speeds up to 450 Mbps is also expected.

Alongside rumours of escalated pricing, a survey suggests that while Apple loyalty remains strong, buyers for the new addition in the family may take some time as 67 percent of the the people surveyed, who were planning to purchase an iPhone considered it too expensive.

While the expected date of arrival of the anniversary edition is 12 September, no confirmation has come from the company. However, leaks suggest that 64 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB iPhone 8 variants. We shall just have to wait out and see what exactly the iPhone 8 may offer as Apple has managed to keep the phone under wraps extremely tightly.

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