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iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy Note 9


A long lineup of iPhones has finally been announced at Apple’s 2018 keynote and it was every bit interesting as the leaks and renders had pointed out. The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max were the premium flagship devices from Apple and the Max, in particular, is the most expensive and the biggest iPhone till date.

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There was ‘one more thing’ as well in the iPhone department and that was the iPhone XR, which was marketed as the affordable iPhones we had all needed. The case was just the fact that these iPhones were not actually as affordable as people would think. Starting at a price of Rs 76,990 in India, we can hardly classify it as cheap.

However, it seems that the iPhone XS Max, and maybe the XS, are the only ones aimed to be taking shots at the Galaxy Note 9, which was released just a month prior.

The Internals

So which phone is actually better? Let’s start with what is new in the new iPhone XS Max. We have the new A12 Bionic SoC, which is based on the 7 nm manufacturing process. The Galaxy Note 9 is a day late and a dollar short with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset, which for the record is no slowpoke, but when compared to the A12 chipset, it seriously lags behind.

The iPhone XS Max is what Apple did not want to become under the tutelage of Steve Jobs, a big massive hunk of a device which will not fit in your pocket. Now the iPhone XS Max and the Note 9 have the same screen.

However, here one has to see the fact that the Note 9’s curved Super AMOLED display and higher resolution are going to be taking the crown. But in Apple’s line of defence, the company does put in one heck of a display in its iPhones (even though the OLED display panel is supplied by Samsung).


In the camera department, we see that the competition is nearly neck to neck. Looking at the specs, we see that the XS Max has more or less the same camera as the iPhone X last year, save for a slightly wider aperture and more pixels. The Note 9 has nearly the same camera mechanism, with some of that variable aperture system, making it a winner for the time being.

It would seem that it all comes down to your choice, or perhaps how big your hands (and wallets?) are. The iPhone XS and XS Max are both insanely expensive, but they are also the best devices for people who are hooked onto the Apple ecosystem. For everyone else, the Galaxy Note 9 will do just fine, if not better. But as well know, iOS is just more simple and easy to use (and some might dare say, boring) while customised skins on Android have made it both refreshing (and a nightmare?) to use.

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