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iPhone XS vs Pixel 3: Which flagship should you buy?


Google recently announced the Pixel 3 smartphone and it is undoubtedly going to be the most premium Android experience you can get your hands on. Android has been developed by Google and almost all the new features that Google plans on implementing on its OS are first run through the Pixel devices. Apple’s latest iPhone XS is also exclusive in that way as iOS is a proprietary OS controlled completely by Apple.

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Both the devices happen to be extremely premium in the pricing department and it would seem that there are several things that are in favour of either phone and several things that are against. Let’s have a look at what kind of phone would be most suitable to spend on.

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The iPhone XS is perhaps the most elegant device that Apple has ever produced. The iPhone X before it was a revolutionary step for Apple and the iPhone Xs has built on it. The premium glass finish, although expensive to repair, gives the phone a very royal look while the stainless steel frame just adds to the charisma.

The Pixel 3 is no slouch either. Google has made improvements over last year’s poorly received Aluminium and glass back design by going complete glass back this time around. While the iPhone XS is nearly bezel-less, the Google Pixel 3 does have a big chin and forehead for storing the dual-front speaker system. There don’t seem to be a lot of deciding factors, but the iPhone XS’ sleekness wins it the points in the design department.


It is quite true that Apple makes one of the best displays in the business after perhaps Samsung. This year is no different as the iPhone XS display has been rated as the most colour accurate display with sRGB coverage of nearly 87 percent according to reports. The Pixel 2 last year did not have the horrible issues that its older brother Pixel 2 XL had faced, but it was still not a great display. This year around, Google has made sure that the display on the Pixel 3 is up to the mark and initial reviews have confirmed that indeed the Pixel 3 has a very nice display. Even so, iPhone wins for its colour accuracy.


The iPhone XS comes with a 7 nm Apple A12 chipset which is currently the fastest in the smartphone world. The Pixel 3 comes with the Snapdragon 845 chipset, which is not bad either but it is still made using a 10 nm process and is, therefore, slower (and less power efficient) than the A12 chipset. The iPhone XS takes the cake easily here.


The Pixel 3 just has the best camera in the world right now and it has been confirmed by a lot of reviewers to be true. The iPhone XS doesn’t match up here. This doesn’t mean it’s a no-contest though. The XS in itself does take some stunning photos, but the Pixel 3 edges it out.

It is quite clear that the best smartphone amongst the two is the iPhone XS, however if you are into camera then the Pixel 3 is your phone. Whichever you choose to upgrade to, remember to sell your used smartphone on Cashify!


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