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Is Samsung’s foldable display really going to be good?


In November, Samsung revealed its Magnum Opus to the world – the first foldable smartphone at its annual developer conference held in San Francisco. Yet to be christened, it is being called ‘Galaxy X’, though ‘Galaxy S’ is also doing rounds. Is it going to live up to the hype?

The Long Wait For a Foldable Galaxy

Samsung’s flagship program had been doing the rumour rounds since 2016, until we were given glimpses of it after months of speculation. We’d even covered the device earlier this year in a separate post. A prototype of the next generation handset was unveiled as the SVP of Mobile Product Marketing, Justin Denison, took out the Galaxy X from his pocket. The unveil was welcomed hugely by the audience. Samsung has already been facing tough competition from its competitors like Huawei (which patented its own device) OnePlus, and Xiaomi, and had promised that there would something huge in the next phone release.

The Flexible display is called the Infinity Flex Display. This technology will not be restricted to Galaxy X only. The technology will be expanded to laptops and more foldable handsets. The technology is pioneering and can bring massive change in the upcoming market trends. Danison quoted that many of the features had been disguised and this was clear since the phone was placed in a black chunky frame with rough sharp edges and boxy corners.

The Tech

The Galaxy X has two OLED displays with only one capable of folding. It can be folded thousands of times without getting damaged. The front of the Galaxy X has a 4.5-inch screen known as the cover display. The Korean firm says that it will function on similar lines as the other Samsung smartphones. The physical appearance looked a bit tardy and on the heavier side with chunky bezels but the features being half hidden, that cannot be said with confidence. Opening the handset reveals a second screen that is almost twice that of the cover screen.

The second screen is a mighty 7.3 inches and foldable. The infinity flex display opens up like the pages of a book and is there to provide greater visual experience while watching movies or playing games. Up to three applications can run simultaneously on the screens and this new feature is called ‘Multi-Active Window’. The apps working on the cover screen will adjust themselves unobtrusively on the bigger screen. The unhindered swap from the small to the large screen has been promised by Samsung. The developers are working towards incorporating their operating software to adapt to the foldable version.

“We have just added a new dimension. The Infinity Flex Display is a foundation for the smartphone of tomorrow,” quoted Denison at the conference.

Samsung had launched its new OS, the One UI much before the unveiling of Galaxy X. this will be tested on Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+ and Note 9 in open beta to remove any kinds of bugs beforehand.

Samsung said, “Users have now the best of both the worlds: A compact smartphone that unfolds to reveal a larger immersive display for multitasking and viewing content.”

Pricing & Launch

Denison assured the commencement of mass production of the foldable marvel in the coming months. But sources say that it might not be released at the two biggest expositions – the CES 2019 in January and the MWC 2019 in February. The phone can touch the markets on a release date in March or April 2019.

Nothing was confirmed about the price but it like a very expensive gadget to own. According to Korean media reports, the price of the foldable device might be around 2 million Korean Won, which is around INR 1.1 lakhs! 

A lot of the talk around the phone and the Infinity Flex display is based on speculations, rumours, and leaks. As such, nothing can be confirmed or said with confidence about the features and specs about the phone. We need to wait for the Galaxy X to hit the markets. Nevertheless, the company promises it to be a bundle of features.  

Excited about the foldable Galaxy? Let us know in the comments below, and while you’re at it, don’t forget to Cashify your current phone!


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