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You just can’t get your hands off these Gaming Consoles


Gaming consoles are the specially pre-packaged powerful computer-based device specifically made for playing video games, be it high end or the other on your TV. These devices are cheaper than gaming PC or Laptop like Alienware but they just support specific games made for the console. There are few major manufacturers in this specific sector such as Nintendo, Microsoft, NVIDIA, and Sony. Let us discuss few great gaming consoles from them. Have a look at our top picks.

Sony Play Station 4 Pro


The newest to the family of PlayStation, this gaming console delivers 4k gaming at ease. With that, it can also stream 4k content from Netflix. The device has an inbuilt 1TB storage capacity, the best part is it is compatible with all PS4 games and apps. Though there are many handful improvements in this iteration of the console with respect to PS4 but most of the games do not support and reflect the Pro enhancements or any drastic changes in terms of quality as of now when compared to PS4.

P.s: The drawback which counts is the inability to play UHD 4K Blu-Ray discs.

Price: INR 27,000 (More info. here)

Microsoft Xbox One S

Microsoft xbox one s

You can claim this as the best Xbox till date. This gaming console is sleek and is much smaller compared to the previous versions. Packed with a lot of power, this device can play 4K videos from online streaming services like NetFlix and can even play Blu-ray discs. This gadget has got an updated controller from Microsoft which works with Bluetooth devices too but it feels a bit cheaper than its predecessor due to the material used.

P.s: No as such huge drawback is found in this console other than few compatibility settings with TVs which gets sorted out with some trial and error method. This is a win-win device from Microsoft.

Price: INR 20,000 (500GB) – INR 27,000 (2TB) (More info. here)

Sony Play Station 4

Play station 4

This device might have lost some limelight due to the introduction of the two new models in the lineup at the same time but this gaming console is powerful and is one of the most recommended PS ever. One of its unique feature over other consoles is the DualShock 4 controller. It has features like motion control, a touch pad, and a dedicated share button. Many people don’t like it but for the ones who are used to it are in love with this feature. Most of the games are optimized for PS4 and this gaming console offers some great Multiplayer eco-system.

P.s: No drawback which lets us give it a Thumbs-up!

Price: INR 25,794 (500GB variant) and INR 32,500 (1TB variant) (More info. here)

NVIDIA Shield Pro

NVIDIA Shield Pro

This is probably the best Hybrid device in terms of gaming. NVIDIA Shield Pro is a living room must have for a technology lover. It is a gaming console and an Android TV clubbed together in a frame. This console almost does everything possible. From streaming 4K movies to high-end gaming, it aces all. It has a built in Shield controller for gaming purpose and most importantly this device packs 500GB of storage space with an additional space to tuck in your microSD card making it an amazing device overall.

P.s: It qualifies for your next buy!

Price: INR 20,000 (More info. here)

Nintendo 3DS XL

Nintendo 3DS XL

Coming to the world of Nintendo, which is known for great local multiplayer gaming device has something new to offer in their lineup. The Nintendo 3DS XL has offered many things to the game lovers. It’s the successor to the previously launched 3DS which has seen the light of new facial tracking technology from the company, the new 3D XL has got improved algorithm for the facial tracking system. It has more buttons, a built-in second analog stick, impressive new facial tracking technology and, most importantly, a more powerful set of processors.  Yet this is the best offering from Nintendo as of now with the exceptional gaming experience.

P.S: Though the battery is a concern where people should think before buying it and moreover, there’s no AC charger included in the box for charging which comes out as another major drawback.

Price: INR 20,000 (More info. here)

Bottom Line: We’ve seen an era of evolution from PS1 to PS4 Pro and so on, with the time and change in demand and needs, the gaming practices has also evolved and hence, we offered a list of top 5 gaming consoles of the present age. Hope the game enthusiasts have liked it and will Cashify their old consoles with the latest ones in the market.


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