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How to keep your iPhone and iPad spick and span to get maximum value at the time of selling!


Recently bought a swanky Apple iPhone or iPad? Well make sure you keep it in good condition as the charm might get lost with scratches and scuffs in due course of time! Moreover, keeping it in a tip-top condition will make sure you get the maximum out of it when you want to sell your iPhone or iPad after sometime. It will also help improving the performance as well as increase its life. Below are a few easy steps which won’t take much of your time, yet help you in the long run: 

Buy a proper Case

A phone is dropped multiple times in the course of its lifetime and a good protective case will make sure that the accidental drops do not cause bumps or scratches to your device. There are thousand s of options available today based on the appearance, material and color. While choosing one, look for the one whose appearance you like as it will be with you 24×7. Next you have to decide what type of case you would want. There are many options to choose from: flip-covers, hard cases, rubberized cases, skins, shells etc. If you carry your iPhone or iPad in a purse, handbag, or backpack, you should look for a case that offers protection on all sides. If you keep the phone in your pocket, a flip-cover or a hard-back case will suffice. The price would vary from INR 100 to a few thousand based on your preference, design and place you buy it from.

Screen-guard? A must!

The value of your phone or tablet will depend largely on the condition of the screen and touchpad. If the screen is damaged, the value would decrease drastically. So buy a good screen-guard and protect it from scratches and scuffs. There are 2 options to choose from: a full body shield which protects all sides and screen or a front screen protector along with a good case for overall protection. You can buy screen-guards easily on any mobile phone shop or even from ebay or amazon. The price ranges from INR 100 to INR 500 generally.

Keep It Clean

Cleaning the phone or tablet regularly increases the life and would fetch you a good value when you sell the iPhone or iPad. Remember, phones are the most likely of all electronic gadgets to carry bacteria, due to the vast amounts of hands-on time. Therefore cleaning it not only improves the re-sale value but is also a healthy exercise.

Remember to always power off your device before performing any of the cleaning steps below.

  • Take a microfiber cleaning cloth and give the phone a good cleaning. Never spray the cleaner directly on the device. Spray it on the cloth and then use it.
  • Next grab a small air compressor (the one you would use for inflating toys or the even a vacuum cleaner with low power) and clean out all the ports on the device. Spray out the headset jack, connector port, and SIM card slot.
  • Reapply your screen protector and case and power your device back on. This is always a good time to back up your phone with iTunes as well. We recommend doing a backup along with a cleaning every one or two months.

Only you can keep your device in good shape and condition and just a little care and effort once in a while would keep your device in a great shape. Accidents are unavoidable and may happen and we recommend you buy extended warranty if you are more prone to accidents. A good care and maintenance along with right accessories will enhance your phone’s life and the value of your iPhone or iPad at the time of re-sale.


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