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KFC is now into Smartphones!

KFC Has A Smartphone Now

In the latest trend of weird phone editions – Huawei has come out with a ‘finger lickin’ good’ special KFC edition of its Enjoy 7 Plus model. The phone has been launched to commemorate the 30-years anniversary of KFC in China. Huawei being one of China’s biggest smartphone makers, stepped in to properly celebrate the occasion.

Not The First Time

There have been several interesting special edition smartphones over the years, be it the superhero-themed Galaxy devices from Samsung or the R2D2 Droid 2. The latest special edition phone from Huawei is so weird it manages to be kind of cool.

KFC is currently the largest food chain in China, with more than 5,000 locations as of 2017. Huawei released a limited edition Enjoy 7 Plus red-KFC phone available only in selected markets for this occasion with Colonel Sanders logo laser-etched on the back. There will be only 5,000 such phones that are going to be made. The phone will also come with 10,000 “K dollars,” a digital currency used by KFC in China.

Finger Lickin’ Specifications?

The phone comes with a pre-installed music app that lets you create playlists and share them in the restaurant. It has a 5.5-inch 720p display, powered by a Snapdragon 435 chipset. Also included is 32GB of ROM, and 3GB of RAM. A 12MP camera with a fingerprint sensor is on the back of the device.

If you wish to grab this phone you would need to go all the way to China. Even though a few units might be re-sold internationally, they will lack Google services as this KFC edition was made only for China.