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Laptop Faceoff: Alienware vs Dell XPS


Speak of gaming on laptops and only one name pops into any layman’s mind, Alienware, the most popular gaming laptops currently available. The most stylish, the most customizable, and of course, the most powerful machines specifically built for the sheer power required for high end gaming.


Dell, a famed name among laptop making companies, meanwhile, had launched their new XPS range of laptops as high performance PCs. Though, facing competition from other rival companies like Alienware, Dell converted their XPS range of laptops into gaming machines. In 2006, however, Dell acquired Alienware, which caused both (XPS and Alienware) to become redundant, due to being from the same company. Thus, Dell decided to stay the Alienware range due to its immense popularity in the field of gaming PCs and reduced production of their XPS laptops.


Ultimately, Dell reverted the XPS laptops as high performance PCs.


Let us compare both the ranges to decide which range suits best to which group of people.


With the glowing Green Alien logo on the back, the futuristic design, and most importantly, the futuristic specifications make this range of laptops, quite literally, otherworldly. Specifically built for gaming, these machines compromise nothing when it comes to reaching the highest peaks of power. With performance custom cases to facilitate the maximum customizability, the machines allow the user to change and modify even the tiniest components of the laptop.


Honestly though – Alienware laptops are made to serve as a gaming platform. There’s always the best graphics card available on the market, with multi-threaded multi-core CPUs, and these days, even a 4K screen. All working in synergy to provide the best gaming experience possible.

Alienware is the ultimate machine for gamers.

Dell XPS

Although lacking most of the features that Alienware offer, like the stylish logo and design, the customizability, and the ability to reach maximum power alike the Alienware, the Dell XPS PCs are very high performance PCs which ensure that the user gets the maximum power utilised off the machine.

However, while a Dell XPS does a stellar job when you game on it, it is built with more wide ranging uses in mind. Uses like intensive video editing, visual effects design, high-end graphic development, and other related multimedia use cases. It is projected as a robust solution for tasks which don’t have much room for failures and require high reliability.


We can’t quite compare two sides of the same coin. The same can be said about these two ranges of supercomputers.

But let’s make it simple for you.

If you are a professional and want the best out there, XPS is the way you should go.

If you are a mad gamer and want no problems or lags in your 60 FPS games, Alienware wins the game any day.


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