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Laptops vs Tablets: Which fits you best?


Portability. Something most of us want nowadays. May it be cameras, gaming console, communication devices or computing services – portability, or simply put – the ability to carry your device effortlessly, is key.

When we think of a portable computer today, two things come in mind:

  • The reliable notebook computers or laptops
  • The smaller and lighter tablets

Now we have two choices, but which one is right for you?

It all depends on what kind of a person you are, what your needs are and what you expect from your computing device. First and foremost, let’s decide what your demands are and what type of user you are.


If you are a person who needs a computer for just his/her business related work, it’s quite easy to decide which device is better for you. By far, a tablet can perform almost any task that a laptop can do for you and moreover, it has better portability and much better battery efficiency.



An iPad combines premium feel with business-focused efficiency. Use Apple’s iWork suite, or download Microsoft Office for iOS and start working. Go ahead and check our some iPad deals here!


If you are a young lad who just needs a portable computer for gaming, the laptop should be your choice.


Students and teachers should prefer the tablet computers because of their efficiency and better battery lives.


No fixed work

If you need a computing device, but have no fixed goal for it, you should buy a laptop because you have a wide range of specs to choose from and suit your needs.

Now let’s compare these two devices on few of the factors that we might consider.

Raw Power

Everyone likes to feel powerful and we like to own powerful hardware too. By far, the laptop takes this away from the tablet with ease. It’s not that the tablets are not highly equipped, in fact most tablets can give laptops a run for money, but we can get supercomputers in the form of laptops.

Super-high end specification laptops can destroy any tablet easily.



Ultrabooks are the next generation in portable laptops but still they can never be as portable as the tablet computers we have right now.

Weight, volume or any other factor that you may consider, a tablet easily outstands the laptop.

Efficiency and Reliability

Both the devices are efficient and reliable in their own ways, but considering the fact that most high end laptops easily crush the tablets of this generation; we give this round to the laptops.




If Reliability is a must-have, we suggest you check out Dell – which has a reputation of being sturdy. With Accidental Damage Protection.

Battery Life

Most of the laptops come with awesome batteries and good battery backups, but compare them to tablets and you will notice a difference.

Tablets have better battery backups than laptops, no doubt about it.


Taking all these factors as guidelines, you can decide on what device suits you best. But if you are still confused, there are a whole new species of devices which are the hybrids of both these devices. They consist of tablets which can be converted to laptops using keyboard docking station. So, if you can’t choose, give them a go.

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