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LCD iPhone X With 6.2-inch Screen To Cost $600


It has been known for quite some time that Apple will bring out quite a few variants in its 2018 iPhone lineup. The main news item here is the fact that Apple will continue to build OLED displays for at least two models in the lineup, while the third one will be an iPhone X-style LCD display.

This LCD iPhone will also be the cheapest of the three. New reports have given out a rough estimate on how much the device will cost and they have arrived at the number $600. For an iPhone X style device, paying about $600 seems to be an amazing deal. Though it should be noted that since the phone has a low price point, it is quite obvious that the device will have fewer features than its OLED brothers.

Single Camera, Plastic Back

The report, by KGI Analyst Ming Chi Kuo has also stated that is high chance that we will see an increase in shipments of LCD-based displays against OLED displays. This new LCD iPhone is set to have a single camera, a lower-end processor and also a plastic back. However, we are not sure as of now if Apple wants to include its patented face unlock technology inside the LCD iPhone.

Seeing that the tech is quite expensive and is one of the main reasons that the iPhone X cost a $1000, it does not make sense for Apple to employ a face ID like tech in an iPhone which will cost only $600. No one is quite sure how Apple would authenticate the user if FaceID is not present and we certainly do not believe that Apple will switch back to the fingerprint reader.

This LCD budget version of iPhone X is touted for a release first even though it would be launched alongside other iPhones in September, all of whom may enter the mass production phase before it. However, it is quite clear from the report that Apple plans on releasing them at the same time.

OLED Flagship

Apart from that the bigger iPhone X Plus or 6.5-inch OLED iPhone could become the newest most expensive iPhone ever. Initial estimates show that the phone could cost somewhere in the range of $1,200 to about $1,300, which makes you really wonder. Are you buying a phone or a highly efficient laptop.

Both of them would cost you the same amount of money. In any case it would seem that this Plus sized variant and the smaller 2018 iPhone X OLED version will see lower production as compared to the LCD variant for obvious reasons of affordability. However, it remains to be seen if Apple will be able to capitalize on the market this year as well.

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