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Are LED TVs better than LCD TVs?

Let’s now see how LEDs can, in the near future, take over the television market and how they are better than the now traditional, LCDs

The age of bulky, power consuming, low resolution Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) televisions is long over. Many newer technologies have now arrived to replace that age old method of entertainment. We had Plasma televisions for a while but they failed to gain popularity and hence failed to prevail. Next in store were the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) TVs which used any normal method of backlighting like fluorescent tubes. These were a huge hit among consumers and are still in business. Then out came the Light Emitting Diode (LED) TVs, in which the backlighting of LCDs was replaced by light emitting diodes. These too were highly praised but they have yet failed to kick out LCDs from the market. But that is only because, at the moment, LCDs are cheaper. Let’s now see how LEDs can, in the near future, take over the television market and how they are better than the now traditional, LCDs.

  1. What’s the difference?

A standard LCD is a liquid sandwiched between two solid glass layers. As we know from digital watches, to see the time we need to press a button to light up the display. LCDs don’t emit light of their own; they need something called ‘Backlighting’ to light it up. Different methods of lighting are used to do this. Samsung started using Light Emitting Diodes and marketed the TVs as LED TVs. That’s it. No more difference.


  1. What’s the big deal?

LEDs provide many different methods of backlighting by themselves. There’s the typical method of attaching white LEDs behind the LCD. Then there is ‘Edge-Lighting’ in which the LEDs are attached to the edges of the TV. This allows the TVs to be super thin, but limits the contrast of the display. And finally there is RGB in which three colored LEDs are used to backlight: red, green, and blue. This allows better color reproduction and saturation levels.

  1. Are LED TVs any better?

Well, of course they are. They can produce better colors than LCDs. Blacks are not just washed out grays and are instead a part of the display where backlight switches off to simulate absolute black. They can be thinner (extremely thinner) than LCDs. And most importantly, they use lesser power! So they are light on your electricity bill.


  1. Are LEDs selling enough to stay on top of the game?

They are currently the best selling TVs out there so there is no question of killing the technology so soon. Moreover, with the effort manufacturers are putting in to make this budding technology better and more desirable by the users, it’s sure that it will throw away any older technologies in display in the near future.

As you can see, LED TVs are perfectly on the trot to being the kings of TVs. They are slightly more expensive due to the low number of manufacturers currently but as the number increases, we may see them selling them at a reduced price. In other words, LEDs are by far, currently the best TV technology available.

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