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Lenorola Or Motonovo? Lenovo Plans Big!


As much as it sounds sad, it is also the biggest irony to start the year with. Much famed as the first firm to manufacture the first mobile ever, Motorola will lose its brand identity in the days to come.


Once a leading mobile manufacturing firm, Motorola struggled to survive in the mobile market against the other competitors. Google had acquired Motorola in 2012 and post two years, sold the entire mobile business to Lenovo in 2014.


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On 7th Jan 2016, one the representatives of Motorola stated that the Lenovo will not entirely phase out Motorola’s name. Matching its four-lettered Vibe, Lenovo will be shifting the branding focus of its mobiles to “Moto”.


In future, Lenovo will shift the branding focus to “Moto” not only for its mobile’s business unit but also for other wearable devices. Apart from the name “Motorola Mobility”, users will also get to witness Lenovo’s different logo in blue color in which Motorola’s “M” logo will also be incorporated.




In the third quarter of the previous year, an external source stated that the Lenovo-Moto combination surpassed Lava mobiles to gain the fourth spot in the competitive market of smartphones in India. Lenovo also set a different set of standards altogether with its K3 Note as the firm sold more than 5-lakh models within 2 months of its launch.


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