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How to locate your missing smartphone


There aren’t many things that’d give us the shock of our lives as NOT finding your smartphone!

This terrifying feeling can cause so much tension and fear that we often tend to assume that our smartphone is stolen. We need to learn to remain calm, composed and steady. We must search everywhere possible to locate the device at the earliest.

A few steps to be taken when you don’t find your phone:

  1. Call your smartphone- this is one of the best methods and it works only if your phone is in General mode and is nearby.
  2. Message your smartphone- Send a text message to your phone asking the person who stole it to return it to you for a reward.
  3. Ask people around you- this is one important thing that we all tend to forget, thanks to our ‘ego’.
  4. Call your Service Provider- this method can be used to block the SIM card from unauthorised usage.
  5. Inform the nearest Police Station- you need your IMEI number and proof of purchase to lodge an FIR. The FIR can help us to locate the phone with help from the Service Provider.

Every smartphone comes with an IMEI number which is unique to it (To know your IMEI number, dial *#06#). We must note down the number in some safe place. It is extremely difficult to change the IMEI number, thus it serves as the best and must unique identity for your phone.

We must be quick to declare the phone “LOST”, as only after you are sure for the phone to be lost can you approach the nearest Police Station for help.

Well, “Prevention is better than cure”. And the same applies here too. Some ways to prevent your phone from Theft:

  1. Every once in a while keep checking for your phone. This’ll help you notice quicker if you ever lose it.
  2. Have a good Password/ Lock Pattern. This feature protects our privacy to some extent.
  3. Have some Anti-Theft software/application installed. This helps us to remotely lock, erase and ring our phone.
  4. Note down your IMEI number. This knowledge helps us to be in a better position when we go to seek the help of police.

However, there are some ways to locate them yourself:


1. iPhone

iOS has its own Anti-Theft Application called ‘Find my iPhone’. This application, similar to Windows Phone, allows users to remotely lock, ring, lock and erase their iOS devices.

iOS also has a wide range of Third Party Applications that help users in tracking, locating  and ringing their devices. These apps include:

  • If Found
  • iHound
  • iLocalis

2. Android Phones

Like every mobile phone operating system, Android too has its own Anti-theft software called ‘Android Device Manager’ which allows users to track, ring and wipe the data from our phone. The app can be downloaded from the Google Playstore. Simply log on to your Google account on the web to locate your device once it’s installed.


Other third Party Apps include:

  • Lookout
  • AirDroid
  • AvastAnti Virus
  • Android Lost
  • SeekDroid

So there you have it! The foolproof methods to find your smartphone in case it’s misplaced. Of course, if nothing works out, your phone must be assumed lost forever. In which case, it’s probably better to cut down on your costs for a new one by selling some of your old devices? Older laptops, smartphones, tablets, perhaps? We’ve got you covered. It’s a great idea to sell your older device for a good price at ReGlobe. Use our price calculator here.




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