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Macbook’s Touch Bar: Is it Worthy or Gimmicky?

Is the Macbook's Touch Bar Worthy or Gimmicky?

Time and again Apple has made some of the biggest stakes when it comes to innovation, and that might just be their secret to being on the top. One such nut-cracker was the new Touch Bar Macbook Pro.

With multiple users having tried and tested this piece of technology, we now have a better sample space to describe whether the touch bar is a genius or just a gimmick that makes you spend crazily on external dongles. Let’s find out.

About The Touch Bar

The Touch Bar is a ten-point multi-touch glass panel, housing a row of function keys. One of the great things about the bar is its customizability. You can position any app with its unique selection of buttons that can be placed in this bar. However, the function keys can still be accessed by holding down the Fn key and help them to show up.

In a way, the touchbar provides what’s expected out of a touch-screen laptop without having to share its drawbacks.

Its functionality as a touch-enabled extension of the screen, makes the experience all the more wonderful and a sight of technological beauty. People fall for touchbar, especially when using the most commonplace of apps like Pages and Notes, where formatting tools can be accessed quickly.

Is the Macbook's Touch Bar Worthy or Gimmicky?


Price Point

However, the Touch Bar is unsupported for apps beyond Apple’s. This may force you to think if spending all the extra amount is worth it. After all, with new features, the price points change too.

Missing USB points

On top of it, the essential USB points have also been removed, for the sake of a slimmer & lighter Macbook.


There is no doubt in the fact that for those who are waiting for a new Macbook, the Touch Bar certainly makes the Macbook Pro worth a buy.

However, for everyone else, this may be regarded, at best, as an interesting addition which may not warrant the cost. If you’re still enamored by its though, get yourself a good deal at Cashify for your old device, and use the extra money to buy that dream laptop.