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MacOS High Sierra: What’s New?

MacOS High Sierra: What's New?

Apple introduced the latest update to macOS – called High Sierra at its 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference in June. High Sierra is a follow-up to macOS’s Sierra, and is largely designed to improve on it through major updates and changes.

Apple’s main focus is on the basics – data, video, and graphics. With High Sierra, Apple is aiming to make the Mac more reliable, capable, and responsive.

New Add-Ons

MacOS High Sierra comes with a modern default file structure; Apple File System (APFS). It is safe, secure, improves performance and optimized for modern storage systems. Features like native encryption, stable snapshots, safe document saves and crash protection.

They’re also introducing the much improved High Efficiency Video Encoding (HEVC, aka H.265), which preserves better detail and colour.

High Sierra also introduces Metal 2 – the next-generation version of Apple’s Metal graphics API. Metal offers up to 10x better draw call and improvements like driver optimizations, resource heaps and sampler arrays.

Incremental Upgrades

Photos has a new constant side view to make it easier to locate the file, along with new editing tools for Curves and Selective Color. Facial recognition has improved and syncs across devices.

Safari includes a new auto play blocking feature for videos. It’ll include Intelligent Tracking Prevention, and a new always-on option for Safari Reader. Search in Mail has been optimized.

Siri has a more natural voice with changes in expression. It’s more realistic, and has new capabilities related to Apple Music, and can answer music-related trivia.

Messages are stored in iCloud, and allowing them to sync across devices.

High Sierra Release

MacOS High Sierra is being tested by developers and released soon. It will be available as a free update for all Macs. Time to upgrade your machine? Get a good deal on it.