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Magic By Microsoft At The Super Bowl!


Microsoft recently created a lot of buzz during the Super Bowl. Microsoft Surface developed incredible blue tablets exclusively for the national football league (NFL) players which were embedded in bright blue cases. Instantly, these tablets became standard equipment in the current NFL season.




The use of these tiny blue tablets was developed when Microsoft signed a $400 million contract for five years with NFL and now Microsoft is the official sponsor for the players and staff. NFL gave the right to create their content officially for the Xbox and surface platform, while Microsoft’s Xbox and Surface are NFL sponsors.


Method of Functioning


These tablets are available for the team players on the sideline but not anywhere outside in the Microsoft stores. They are manufactured in a way that could be applicable for sideline use. NFL players and coaches use the surface at the sidelines, locker rooms and at home after the game. It is also build for the fans to watch the game.




They had been manufactured with ruggedness in order to withstand extreme conditions such as snow, rain, and temperatures down to 45 below zero Fahrenheit. These amazing blue cases include side in handgrips that would be an added advantage even if the players drop them down.




Surface has shown a significant impact on the way the game is played. Coaches and players use it for writing and reviewing plays on the sidelines with the same pen and tablet which the fans uses. The surface tablet has incredible technology and the ability to store the critical data to be protected.


It has the power and capability similar to that of a laptop including mobility and convenience as a tablet. It is the most valuable tool for the coaches, players, specialists, executives, and fans. It has seemingly amazing sideline-viewing system on the sidelines.





Surface has versatile usage ranging from sidelines to NFL, boardroom to QB’s home and side line view. It is easy to carry and keeps a balance between work and play. An excellent example of its importance is that in the first quarter of the AFC championship game between Denver broncos and England patriots.


The Microsoft Surface tablets used by coaches were malfunctioning, which gave the Broncos an advantage. The problem was not the surface or the software that runs on Microsoft’s tablets, and it has nothing to do with WI-FI either and the reason for this was that the network cable in the stadium was collapsed.





The problem was resolved, and the Caroline Panthers will use the Surface tablets during the Super Bowl similar to those players and coaches who used the NFL franchises all season long. The software runs only the required apps and is specialized too.


It does not allow the players to play a game on it because the tablets run only one program: the sideline viewing system (SVS) developed by Microsoft. N-game cameras take shots of every play. Those shots are sent to surfaces booth, where team staffers use the SVS to annotate. Those annotated shots are on the sidelines, which analyze the coach’s game plan.


One can surely look forward to the magic spell that these blue tablets are going to cast at the Super Bowl.



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