Home Smart Living Mahindra vs Tesla in India: Face-off Coming soon?

Mahindra vs Tesla in India: Face-off Coming soon?

Mahindra vs Tesla in India: Face-off Coming soon?

Elon musk is definitely a man to reckon with. The worlds 22nd most influential man according to Forbes has a stake in many of the world’s leading innovations such as money transfer service Paypal, electric car making giant Tesla motors and also into space exploration and human colonization of Mars in the form of SpaceX.

The India Factor

But as far as India is concerned, Musk is a relatively new ‘entity. Musk tweeted around the beginning of June that India commits to sell only electric cars by 2030. He also said a Tesla release would be delayed. It is already the largest market for solar power. Musk however, wasn’t counting on a response from the Chairman & MD of India’s only electric car manufacturer, Anand Mahindra.

Mahindra said, “Time you got out here Elon. You don’t want to leave that whole market to Mahindra do you?? The more the merrier – and greener”. While Mahindra is not exactly doing wonders in the electric car market, with a net worth north of $1 billion, Mahindra is not a man to be taken lightly.

Infrastructural Challenges

There’s no denying that India lacks the infrastructure to support all-electric cars at the moment, but when a force like Elon Musk comes to the country, you can be rest assured, there’ll be many more electric cars on the road in the next few years.

Power minister Piyush Goyal said in April that India was looking at having an all-electric car fleet by 2030. The objective being to reduce fuel imports and running cost of vehicles.

Tesla is trying a host of new things – including possibly a new music streaming service. Let’s hope it priorities India first!