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Make your Phone Anti-Theft in less than 1 Minute

Anti theft app

Can’t find your phone or feel that it’s stolen?

Just log into the Cashify app from for either of Android or iOs devices, via your registered mobile number, answer security questions and use anti-theft at will.

Once activated, you can pull the following tricks with remote access to your phone.

Sound Alarm

The phone shouts out crazy alarm tones for locating the phone or just to make potential thieves nervous.

Data Wipe

Erase the phone’s data without warning by performing a factory data reset, and your privacy shall remain unharmed.

Monitor Screen Unlock Attempts

Monitor the number of screen unlock attempts made, and lock the phone or erase all the phone’s data if too many incorrect attempts are made.

Lock the Screen

Control how and when the screen locks. You can even change the screen unlock password via remote access and avoid successful attempts from intruders.

Track Location

Use the Cashify‘s ‘Track Location’ to pinpoint your device, and hunt it down!

Download the Cashify app for your Android and iOs devices, and breathe in the peace of mind wherever you go. You can also use the same app to sell your used device within 48 hours for the price instantly quoted by the app.