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Why Marvel Avengers Academy Got Launched On iOS & Android?


The game is set amidst a college setting where romance, danger, humour, mystery and adventure goes hand in hand. It is for sure that college goers will relate to this craze, madness and fun which they experience with their gang and everyone else will equally be struck with nostalgia.


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Jeremy Horn, the general manager of TinyCo. in a recent interview said that he was inspired from Avengers Academy comic series by Bill Rosemann. The efforts of such inspiration can be witnessed in the electrifying and jam packed unfolding of actions with each and every passing second throughout the game.


The game highlights the extensive use of social media with characters taking ‘selfies’. Moreover, countless mentions on social media have actually caught the nerves of the younger lot. Marvel Avengers Academy has also shown exactly a close knit bond of friends in college who stay together in the form of a gang in the game.




This free-to-play game portrays various Marvel characters that are characterized as students in Avengers Academy in funny, serious and dangerous mode. The game progresses with assigning different tasks to the multiple characters. As a gamer, one has the access to premium currency in order to speed up to the assigned tasks.


John Cena (Hulk) as well as Iron Man, namely Dave Franco etc. have lent their voices for further enhancement of the gamers’ interests. Available on iOS and Android devices (sell old gadgets), it is indeed a unique and interesting game packed with sequence of events which will push the gamer at the edge of their seat!


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