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MediaTek unveils ‘Helio A’ chips for affordable phones


MediaTek manufactures power-efficient chipsets for smartphones, allowing many to access powerful performance on their devices without having to pay an arm and a leg for it. The company has now expanded its horizons by launching a new chipset series named the ‘Helio A’. The first one to be unveiled recently was ‘Helio A22’. The Helio A22 is a system-on-chip – or an SoC as they are more commonly called. A SoC chip is a low power consuming integrated circuit known for the mobile computing powers.

According to Mediatek, the company launched the Helio A series to bring high-end features to smartphones of all segments, even if the device is not a flagship model. The mid-segment smartphone market has been growing at an exponential rate, and there is heavy demand for the handsets with more power and quality. The Helio A series is designed to cater to this need of the customers.

This chipset series is likely to play a role in reducing the manufacturing cost of today’s mobile phones, which should naturally reduce the sale prices of these phones, making them affordable to everyone. The chipset will allow high performance computing with low power consumption. This improved power efficiency is achieved by using what is called “finFET” technology. finFET is a fabrication process used to design high performance chipsets while keeping their power consumption low. Now, high-end features will not be limited just high-end devices.  

The Helio A series chipsets deliver powerful quad-core performance along with other enhanced features, including more powerful AI protocols. 

What does this mean for you?

The primary benefits of including a Helio A chipset will be a longer battery life, AI enhancements, improved camera features and quality of images captured. All this will be equipped in a phone which will be pocket-friendly, making it easier for people purchasing the handsets under a tight budget. The longer battery life is achieved by using “Core Pilot” technology, which optimizes the power consumed by the device for each task individually, thus, helping the battery to last longer.

The chipset also enables the users to take advantage of the software development kit and AI features offered by third-party applications. The kit is called “Neuro Pilot”, which uses the AI features of the MediaTek chipset.

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