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Messenger: How Facebook Will Win Over WhatsApp


In the February of 2014, Facebook officially bought WhatsApp Inc. for a whopping $19 Billion. While explaining why they paid such a huge amount for an Instant Messenger, Mark Zuckerberg said that WhatsApp had nearly half a billion users (at that time) and almost 70% of the people who used the application used it daily, clearly blowing away similar applications in terms of users. Zuckerberg had promised that no changes would be made in the existing application and that Messenger would not be merged with it either, ending speculations regarding the same. But at the same time, a few months later, WhatsApp saw a revamped design and addition of a calling functionality (which is a good thing, right?). The new feature added more value to the application and the design too was welcomed with a lot of appreciation and critical acclaim.

But even after all the changes, Facebook’s own Messenger (still?) provides huge competition to WhatsApp. The big question is, ‘Which of the two platforms is better?’

Let’s find out.

Design and UI

WhasApp UI
WhasApp UI

WhatsApp saw a revamped UI a few months ago, bringing forward a very good implementation of the Material UI from Google. Messenger on the other hand, already featured a brilliant implementation of UI elements and design. Messenger’s design is also uniform across all the OS’s whereas WhatsApp has slight changes in its UI throughout the various mobile platforms.

Messenger UI
Messenger UI

Winner, you ask? Sorry, but we can’t decide. Suit yourself in this one.


Both the apps are Instant Messengers, so they have almost the same functionalities and uses. Both feature calling but Messenger is rolling out Video Calling in some regions too. Also both have a similar approach in messaging features too which we will discuss in the next section.

Let’s give a slight edge to Messenger for the little things that matter like the ability to switch offline to individual users (without blocking them), a full list of people online and also a wide variety of stickers and the (still beta) video calling.


Messenger-WhatsApp Round up
Messenger-WhatsApp Round up

When it comes to messaging features, Messenger, takes the prize by quite a lot if we say so ourself. While featuring all the emojis WhatsApp has to offer, Messenger offers some more. It also includes the ability to send Stickers, increasing the number of emojis offered again.

Image sharing on Messenger too is more than satisfactory with a minimalistic approach offering maximum features, like multiple photos sharing etc. While WhatsApp also offer multi-pic sharing, the number of photos that can be marked simultaneously is limited to 10 as opposed to the almost infinite approach of the Messenger app.

Messenger, we can say has a few edges here and there that put WhatsApp to shame.

The success of Messenger and also WhatsApp may even promote the firm to launch a merged app including the features of both (never too much to speculate, is it?)



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