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Are Micromax Mobiles A Solid Alternative?


Incorporated in Q1 of 2000 as Micromax Informatics, Micromax first started out as an IT Software Company headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana. Back then, it was working on embedded platforms. The company entered the mobile phone business in 2008 with a focus on low pricing and high battery life. Rahul Sharma, the company’s founder was inspired to build a phone with extreme battery life after he saw a PCO being powered by a truck battery.

Then came their first feature phone, the X1i, having a humungous battery life of a whole month. In the following years, after launching various commercially successful devices and smartphones, Micromax finally overtook Samsung as the lead smartphone manufacturer in India in 2014.

Success and Collaborations

Micromax's First Android Phone
Micromax’s First Android Phone

Micromax has a famed reputation in building smartphones with high end specifications and marketing them at low prices, to match the average Indian’s affordability. This was the sole reason due to which the company’s phones sold like hotcakes in the country, increasing profits so much that Micromax started overseas operations too. This included the likes of Oman, Bangladesh etc.

Micromax smartphones have been immensely popular in India and the company saw steady increase in its profits. Finally, in 2014, it took over as the lead manufacturer of smartphones in India as discussed earlier.

Android is not the only operating system Micromax uses, though. They are the official partners of Microsoft in India and have manufactured 2 Windows Phones to date. The company also paired up with Cyanogen Inc. to sell Cyanogen OS devices in India, using the ‘YU’ brand name.


Micromax delivering high quality at low prices
Micromax delivering high quality at low prices

The most recent smartphone launched by the company was the Canvas Silver 5 in July. The Silver 5 is the slimmest smartphone ever manufactured yet, with a thickness of just 5.1 mm and a solid metal frame.

With the pace that the Indian giant is growing, and the undeniable increase quality in their smartphones, Micromax, as a company is growing quickly, poised to become a major player in the global smartphone industry.

Are Micromax smartphones worth it, then?

The first thing to keep in mind is that Micromax has not just delivered power at affordable prices, but it has also shown that high quality does not always mean high cost.To know how mid-range and low-end smartphones killed high-and and flagship phones in our country, head over here.

Another point of note is that they have worked up in a market which was dominated by International giants and shown that an Indian company can outshine any other for that matter.

Conclusively, we would like to say that as Micromax is delivering some of the best specs at mouthwatering prices, their phones are not only just good alternatives to other brands, they are individually amazing pieces of hardware.

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