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Microsoft Announces Xbox One Backward Compatibility Games!


In the world of gaming, nothing has been more disastrous than the lack of backward compatibility on Xbox One platform, when it was launched on November 2013. However, in June this year, Microsoft revealed its plans for introducing Xbox 360 backward compatibility on Xbox One platform without any additional costs. However, the problem was that all of Xbox 360 games would not be supported.




Since then, both gamers and Microsoft have come a long way with an ever increasing list of compatible games on Xbox One platform. In addition to this, Microsoft recently announced that 16 more games will be added to the list of backward compatible games on Xbox One, that are:


Deus Ex


This will bolster the experience of all the gaming enthusiasts as they can merge Xbox 360 experiences with Xbox One. Even after merging they can record in-game Digital Video clips, stream, take screenshots and play with their friends. Microsoft has pledged to update the Titles list regularly on a monthly basis however, it won’t be sufficient to satisfy the gamers.


Each updated title for Xbox 360 will be playable automatically on Xbox One as well. According to a survey, about 9 million hours of Xbox 360 games have been played on Xbox One following the launch of 104 backward compatible Titles on Xbox One. A few other Xbox One compatible titles which have been added earlier include Assassin’s Creed II, BattleBlock Theater, Gears of War 3 & Fallout, etc.




Microsoft has given some hint about the upcoming titles: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, Sacred 3, CastleStorm, Bioshock, Biochock infinite, Call of Duty: Black ops & Halo Wars. Including the new 16 releases, there are 125 backward compatible games available right now to choose from in total.


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