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Microsoft Edge Out For iPad And Android Tablets


If you’re like the rest of the world, chances are you’re using Google Chrome as your default browser. There are multiple reasons for this:

  • The first and foremost is the fact that Chrome is just faster than all your regular browsers.
  • The second fact is that all your Google settings,, bookmarks, passwords, and cookies are synced with the Chrome browser. What this means is that even if you access another system, you can always port all your saved passwords, bookmarks and cookies to the new system.

The Return of Microsoft

Microsoft’s default Internet Explorer has been the center of a lot of memes over the times. However, the new Edge browser is said to be quite the capable browsing machine from Microsoft. So much so that it has caught the attention of Apple.

Apple likes to keep its ecosystem closed. It already made a great compromise by keeping Google as its default search engine and by introducing the Chrome browser in the app store.

Now, the Apple App Store for iPad has also included the Edge browser in its store to compete with its Safari browser, Opera and Firefox alongside Google Chrome.

Available On Both Android & iOS

The Edge browser was also not available for Android tablets and understandably so as Android usually makes use of only Chrome web browser. However, starting from 5 April, Microsoft Edge will now be available as a free download on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store on iPads and Android tablets respectively.

To recall we can see that Microsoft had late last year unveiled the Edge browser for Android smartphones and Apple iPhones. Before being launched, however, it was part of a rigorous beta testing for both the device and many of the flaws the browser faced in both the operating systems was resolved quite significantly.

It was also reported that the Edge browser was quite superior to the Chrome browser in terms of speed. Edge also is not collecting any of your personal data to make a profile out you and sell this to the advertiser’s, as is Google’s prerogative.

Inside the Microsoft Edge for both iPad and Android Tablets are features such as Reading List, New Tab Page, Reading View, and Roaming Passwords. All these features will be common to both the iPad and Android Tablet. iPhone and other Android smartphones already have these features enabled. There will be platform cross functionality wherein you stop working on Microsoft Edge on your PC browser and you can continue the same work on your Android tablet or iPad.

As to how exactly will the Edge browser fare against heavyweights like the Firefox or Opera Mini, still remains to be seen. However, Edge clearly remains one of the fastest browsers out there at the moment. One that’ll also be worthy of a fast flagship.