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Microsoft is redesigning Xbox Software


Xbox is going to receive a massive design overhaul for its software if reports are to believed. Microsoft is currently working on an update that will make the Xbox interface smoother and faster.

Fluent Design

The company has new design system called as Fluent Design that was created to take over all of Microsoft’s products, from Windows 10, to Skype, to Xbox.

The main design considerations for the system is to look everything that is visual through five lenses of “Light,” “Depth,” “Motion,” “Material,” and “Scale,” most of which have been applied to the redesigned Xbox interface.

Elements now make use of translucency and motion, and are more reminiscent of Windows 10 on PCs, in an effort to bring consistency across Microsoft’s various products. But the Fluent redesign goes beyond just aesthetics, which is why Microsoft refers to it as Xbox’s “next major system update.”

Dynamic Home Page

“The look, feel, and movement of the dashboard has been updated to focus on speed, customization and expression — for you,” reads the company’s blog post. The focus is on making the Xbox dashboard‘s main page more customisable and uniquely tailored to the user, who can now chooses to pin everything from a game (or app) to a friend.

This new “Home” page will also dynamically evolve over time, based on the player’s activity: “For example, adding a game to your Home screen may pull in an Activity Feed post from the developer, show when your friends are playing that game online, suggest your next Achievement, and provide a quick shortcut to the Game Hub for that title.”

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