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Microsoft unveils Eye Control feature in Windows 10


Microsoft has announced the beta version of its ‘Eye Control’ feature for Windows 10. The Eye Control feature requires a compatible eye tracker, like the ‘Tobii Eye Tracker 4C’, which can unlock access to the Windows operating system.


Once ‘Eye Control’ is turned on, a launchpad appears on the screen which allows users to access the mouse, keyboard, text-to-speech and to reposition the User Interface (UI) to the opposite side of the screen.

Users can also select the keyboard and thin about the exact character they want to type. However, there is bit of problem for the app in direct sunlight therefore, the company said the device might require new calibration when moving to a location with different lighting conditions.

Microsoft says a “hint of the word predicted will appear on the last key of the word,” and if the prediction is incorrect, you can swap it out with another predicted alternative.

Engineering Eye Control

The preview build blog post outlines in more depth how Eye Control actually works, with a breakdown of the new launchpad for accessing the peripheral functions and examples of using the system to type more quickly with your eyes and translate text into speech.

At this moment, Microsoft is only focusing on a support for the Tobii hardware, also there are plans I-series onboard for Eye Control on Windows 10. However, the company says it’s interested in working with other hardware makers should any other express interest.