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How to migrate from Android to an iPhone


This is it then. It’s time. You’re finally taking the plunge to an iPhone. Maybe you gave in to the undeniably slick and premium build quality, or perhaps the simplicity of iOS is what you need most. Or is the unmatched camera? Whatever the reason, you’re here to switch. And this means it is time to migrate all your data, your photos, and anything else important that your soon-to-be-ex Android device now holds. Let’s help you with that.

While this may have called for a detailed article involving moving data manually, fortunately Apple has made this pretty easy. With the Move To iOS app, the whole process is simplified.

#1 – Move to iOS

Head over to the Play Store, or download the app from here. Then, launch. Accept the terms and conditions, hit next, and get to the 10 digit code prompt on your Android device.

#2 – Generate the code on your iPhone

Initiate the setup. Head to the Apps & Data screen, and tap on ‘Move Data from Android’. Your 10 digit code should now show up here. Feed this into your Android device. A direct Wi-Fi connection should now bridge your iPhone and Android device. This is how the data transfer will occur.

#3 – Choose & Migrate Your Data

Select whatever you’d like to back up and migrate – your camera photos, contacts, google account details, messages and even bookmarks. Then, hit next. The transfer will now begin, and should take a couple of minutes to complete. Longer, if your data is in large proportions. Meanwhile, your iPhone will now begin receiving your data.

#4 – Finish Setting Up Your iPhone

Once the transfer is complete, go through the remaining setup screens for your iPhone. Once done, your iPhone should be ready to use with all your data from the Android device, which you can probably resell to make some extra money. Enjoy!

Note: Moving app data such as WhatsApp conversation between your droid and the iPhone will require you keeping your conversation backup on Google Drive as well. Once WhatsApp is installed on the Android device with the same number, WhatsApp should detect the backup on Google Drive and restore your chats.


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