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Mind your Posture while using Smart gadgets


There’s no denying the fact that science has transformed and so are humans. Our survival these days is dependent on gadgets and other technologies. In other words, we’re glued to our gadgets. Correctly, in line with a contemporary study, we spend approximately five hours every day on their Smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Our mobiles and tablets have transformed the best way and have become our buddies. But technology comes at its cost. It is not just about the monetary costs, there are some health-related issues that come along with it or its over usage.

According to a forecast, the number of estimated smartphone users will reach 340.2 million users in India from 2015 to 2018, with the quantity of smartphone customers’ international forecast to exceed 2 billion. With this hike in the involvement of users using the smartphones, health related issues are certainly going to increase as well.

One of which is coined as the ‘TEXT NECK’.

Text Neck position
Text Neck position

Text Neck, a term used by doctors to describe the spinal disorder arising out of excess usage of smartphones. Normally, if the head is upright, there is no or less stress on the neck. But to read and text on smartphones, people tend to bend their necks. Staring down at the mobile can put extreme pressure on our neck and spine.

– Tilting our head forward 15 degrees places an additional stress amounting to 27 pounds on the cervical spine.

– A 60-degree angle, at which most of us view our phones, increases that stress to 60 pounds. That’s like carrying a seven-year-child on our neck.

– Tablets additionally inspire us to flex our head furthermore. And, with larger displays, we’re more likely to stay in that position for longer durations of time.

The simplest strategy to handle text neck is to vary the way in which we hold our mobile phone. Bring the screen to eye level so that our head just isn’t slouched ahead or too excessive. This way, we do not need to be in a forward-head posture for a prolonged period of time.


Correct sitting posture while using mobile
Correct sitting posture while using mobile

P.s: To restrict stiffness in the neck, neck rotation exercises are recommended.

Good posture contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system. This lowers body stress and reduces cortical and our vital organs stay in the right position and can function at peak efficiency. Poor posture stresses the backbone and can result in early put on, tear, generation, and possibly surgery.

Good posture has its own concerns. Pain caused due to technology usage is often because of poor posture and ergonomics. When we’re sitting in front of our laptop with a unique posture for hours on finish, our body gets used to being in that position. It becomes our new normal and so our problem increases and it goes on.

The posture generally assumed whilst making use of a cellular device is unnatural and might result in a number of overuse and posture associated aches and pains. Here are some healthy posture and ergonomic tips for using a mobile device:

Keeping wrists relaxed and straight

Correct wrist posture
Advisable wrist posture


Doing this bit helps in minimizing the strain on our wrists, fingers, and thumbs by using a neutral grip when we keep holding our device. A neutral grip is achieved when the wrist is relatively straight and not bent in any direction. If we keep our wrists bent whilst using a mobile device, our fingers, and/or thumbs have to work a lot harder than with a neutral grip.

Keeping our cell at Eye level

Keep up the mobile-at-Eye-level
Keep up the mobile-at-Eye-level

Maintain the mobile at eye degree when typing or browsing. By doing this, it’ll drive us to                          maintain our head, neck, and shoulders in a better role.

 Putting off the distractions from our mobile phones

Use social media sites on laptop
Installing social media sites on laptop

Probably most drastic, incredibly advocated, and by way of a long way most robust of all of the recommendations: we should do away with social media, electronic mail, and games from our mobile phone. This would probably sound loopy, but there used to be a time in our existence when we didn’t have social media, so much less even a moveable cellphone/telephone. But still our lives were way too smooth and we had to care less about our health because of the absence of involvement of this parasite rather. We should try scheduling the precise time to handle our emails and social media from the laptop where we can install our ergonomics to support excellent physique positioning as we find comfortable.

Correct sitting-posture
Correct sitting posture

Avoiding the cell phone slump is simple and any one can do it. It requires just a little self-discipline and awareness. Nevertheless, it’s valued at doing for the change since it is going to make us live longer and healthier.


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