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How To Minimize Data Consumption On Your Phone


Gone are the days when mobile phone bills were just about the talktime you had used or the messages you had sent. With increasing number of handsets supporting 4G capability, we are seeing a new trend of a majority of our bill consisting of data consumption charges.

Sometimes if a user does not have the right data pack installed or if the data pack expires, the user is greeted with gigantic bill where talktime charge is less than 5 percent of the total bill. So here are some tips for mobile data conservation.

Set a data limit in the phone settings

This is done primarily via the settings menu of the smartphone. Here, you can see and manage your data consumption. First, set up a consumption cycle that is adapted to your contract and the monthly renewal of your data volume. You can also set a limit at which the mobile data is automatically deactivated or capped.

For those who are operating an iPhone on iOS 8 or upwards, you can go to  tab Settings > Cellular. What you may want to do is reset (scroll all the way down) these usage statistics monthly, so you can see your monthly data use.

Force individual apps to save data

For Android phones, you can how see much data an app consumed in the foreground or in the background in the settings. If all else fails, you can stop it by limiting the background data here.  This might cause some apps to stop functioning.

Chrome’s compression feature

One of the many useful Chrome features is the ability to download compressed website data. You can enable this feature in the settings, almost at the very bottom. This has proven to save upwards of 32 percent mobile data. The feature is readily available in both Android and iOS devices.


That should take care of any data needs you may have. If you’ve got more, why not drop us a comment?