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Xiaomi’s MIUI 9 Is Out!

Xiaomi's MIUI 9 Is Out!

Xiaomi recently released the new version of its custom user interface MIUI 9. The new interface, launched at an event in Beijing, has grabbed the attention of many technology enthusiasts.

New Features

The key feature is certainly the fact that it is based on Android Nougat 7.0. That’s not all, though. The new interface comes with three interesting features- Image search, Smart assistant and Smart App Launcher.

The image search will be new for Xiaomi users. Those who have used the Photos app by Google can relate. Images can be searched by keywords. For example, we can search for images with the keyword “green” and related photos will be presented.

The Smart app launcher is another very interesting feature which launches an app, going by the screen contents. For example, if you are taking about going somewhere, then the Maps app will be opened. The third feature in the MIUI 9 is the Smart assistant. It helps you find anything that you may possibly need.

Welcome Change

Xiaomi has in the past, been notorious for its slow updates, not in tune with the latest Android updates. As a result, many users might have felt that they were missing out on the Android experience. This may be expected to change with the adoption of the latest version of Android.

Furthermore, the launch time of apps in Xiaomi phones will supposedly be a lot faster. This can be attributed to a CPU acceleration and better haptic feedback. Interestingly, those apps which you use frequently will be used at the optimum level by the system to ensure an efficient performance.

A better picture of how successful this latest development is going to be will be seen when it is released worldwide.