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Mobile DJing: New Normal, or Fad?

Mobile DJing: New Normal, or Fad?

Mobile DJing has become a fad amongst the youth today as more and more try to take up the culture of mixing dance music in parties. Most professional DJ’s require an elaborate setup -which includes a mastering to mix music on a turntable, staying tuned to the latest software available for mixing music, having a high end laptop and a complex understanding of the music being appreciated by the current generation.

Smartphones are now DJ Consoles

However, in this era of smartphone development, mobile apps have become the new way to communicate with the world. There are apps for nearly everything from ordering a taxi, to food, getting a maid, online photo editor etcetera. As the processing power of phones continues to increase, so does the quality of the apps.

We can now edit videos on a phone which was simply not possible before. Similarly, there have now been several apps developed that cater to a niche audience interested in DJing.

There are several apps that can be used for this purpose. DJ apps can be a touchy subject in dance circles, but they shouldn’t be. Rather than posing a threat to the traditional, physical craft of professional DJing, they’re simply aimed more at interested amateurs.

DJing Apps

The most popular on iOS devices is Pacemaker. It is an app which is most accessible for budding DJs. You can pull in tracks from your iTunes collection as well as the streaming service Spotify. If you’re feeling lazy (or want to dance) the app will also choose suitable tracks and mix them for you.

For those with Android devices developer Algoriddim has the perfect Dj app for you called djay2. It models itself on a physical set of decks, and like Pacemaker it works with your local collection as well as with Spotify Premium. Djay 2 is a good bridge between people who are just getting started with DJing, and those who want to play with more powerful features and audio effects.

Mobile DJing: New Normal, or Fad?

Edjing 5 is also on the rise among the youth who are using Android smartphones as their devices to mix professionally or semi-professionally. Edjing has some additional features too. Besides using the songs downloaded to your device, it can access music from streaming services SoundCloud and Deezer. The main reason for its popularity is the fact that it is free to use.

Djay Pro for iOS devices has a price tag of $20 attached to it. Additionally, it includes quite a lot of in-app purchases. The app been heavily optimised for the latest iPads, including the iPad Pro, with all manner of shortcuts for owners of the big-sized tablet. It has also won an Apple design Award.

The Future

This trend of mobile DJing is fast catching up to all the metro cities and also tier-1 cities in the country. This is because of the surging popularity of the world of electronic dance music – which is easy to mix. It is also being considered as a panache symbol for people to flaunt in parties without having the proper knowledge of music.