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Does your phone needs a repair? Read this before trying anything..


Smartphone maintenance is a huge factor to consider before finalizing the purchase, which is often taken for granted. Since getting a damaged mobile phone repaired could be a tedious task, we though of enlightening our readers before they take look into alternate repair options or buy their next smartphone.

So let’s deal with them one-by-one.


Know the warranty-clauses before buying your next phone!

Most smartphone manufacturers provide their devices with a year-long warranty. These warranties cover your phone for any manufacturing defect, internal software failures or any damage caused due to the manufacturer’s fault.

Accidental damage, on the other hand, is not covered by a majority of them. The most common form of accidental damages we come across are cracked screens, moisture or internal damages due to impact on the phone.

In the event of damage caused by the user, the next step is to get it fixed. However, you need to survey the market and measure the pros & cons of the investment before deciding to go ahead with a repair. One should know the tentative costs involved in getting the device repaired. This should help the customer decide if a repair is viable and worth his time and money, or not.

It’s always better to know the tentative costs of getting the device repaired. This helps the customer to decide if getting the device repaired is worth all the time and money, or not.

Some users prefer investing in a new phone instead, if the device is too old or if the damage has inflicted heavy repair costs on them. Having said that, phone repairs become a necessity when there are no alternative options and the user needs to fix the damage before using it any further.

Unofficial phone repairs – The Warranty Perspective

Once a repair service has been decided upon, the next step is to survey the market for possible repair options. You can either get it repaired from unofficial third-party vendors or from the authorized service centers.

The legality of an unofficial third-party phone repair is not in question. It is legal and acceptable in most countries, to get your phone fixed from non-authorized phone repair centers.  The question, however, is whether the repair will void your devices’ warranty and insurance or not?

Most manufacturers like Samsung render your phone unwarranted if they detect a third-party service done on the device. LG directs you to a repair request page on its website when inquired about the same.  Motorola renders its phones uncovered if there are any unauthorized alterations or modifications. 

Hence, once the device has been serviced by an unofficial vendor, any damage caused even due to the manufacturer’s fault will also not be covered under the warranty. This means you will have to pay for all repairs and fixes, thus bear heavy costing.

But the argument goes that you could have your phone repaired unofficially multiple times over and still have cash to spare, compared to getting it repaired just once from official centers. Worth it? Probably.

Trade-off between the expenditure and the warranty

On the other hand, getting your phone repaired from official centers or the manufacturer could be a costly affair. While an official screen replacement from Motorola Support would cost you INR 8,000, the same can be done from an unofficial repair center in INR 3,000.


In 2016, iPhone users had also faced the impact of heavy pricing of the Touch ID sensors. Those who had replaced their Touch ID fingerprint scanners via unofficial centers, were affected when an Apple software update rendered their devices unusable. Most people went for unofficial repairs owing to the heavy expenditure involved.

While it cost them close to INR 4,000 to get the scanners fixed from unofficial vendors, an official Apple service was priced at INR 20,000. The customers accused the manufacturer of deliberately causing havoc on them. Apple then had to relax its policies a little and make amends to the phone re-usability clauses.

Although, parts at unofficial repair centers are priced lower than the ones from the OEM, there is are some hidden cost involved. There are several cheaper phone parts available on e-shopping sites that are sold by local manufacturers.

Most unofficial centers procure parts from these sources and use them to fix your phone damages. However, these parts may not undergo the rigorous tests that parts from the original manufacturer do. While  vulnerable to further damage, thus causing recurring expenditure.

Other factors…

An unofficial Apple Touch ID sensor costs close to INR 1,400 on Amazon. Take into consideration a service charge of INR 500 to INR 1,000 and the repair should amount to a maximum of INR 2,500. Third-party service providers might charge you a thousand or two extra. The question is, is it worth it? Maybe if it is coming from an established repair source..

Damaged phone? Follow these branded third party repair services

There are several official third-party service providers in the industry too. Owing to the growth of the smartphone industry, there was an imminent need of growth in the after-sales industry also.

There are third-party players, across the world that provide reliable post sales services. Geek Squad, for instance repairs all iPhone parts using official Apple parts in the USA. The package includes a 90-day guarantee for the repair done. The manufacturers accredit these repair centers for their services too.

Indian players have emerged too. One of them being Cashify, which even picks up the device from your location. Others in the industry include JustLikeNew and BigFix. These players promise well-trained professionals who bring the assurance of quality maintenance with them.

Unlike the unofficial repair centers, you can be sure of better customer experience with these centers. There are several after-sales providers which have a chain of franchises nationwide, that promise customer satisfaction in their services.

They are cheaper than the services provided directly by the manufacturer and offer similar quality assurance. This, thus makes them a major player in the phone maintenance industry.

Our verdict

While the verdict is unspoken, a user should judge what the best option for his damaged phone is. To buy a new cell-phone, or to get a repair done from a source of his choice is a decision that needs some market-research and thoughtful planning.

Manufacturers are also, shifting perspectives and are making amends to their policies to accommodate for unofficial repairs. A memo about Apple’s decision to change its long-standing policy has been leaked. It declares that an iPhone’s screen repaired by unofficial vendors will not void the warranty of the device. There are a few other conditions to the clause. One should be study them well before making any decision.

It is quite obvious, however that getting unofficial repairs from established after-sales repair services is clearly the better option vis-a-vis local repair.


Since prevention is better than cure, cell-phone users must place utmost importance to protective accessories for the phone. There are covers that not only protect the phone but also provide a few other conveniences. Many covers come with a stand that allows you to rest your phone on a surface and watch videos. To invest in a preventive measure is clearly a wise option.

Many covers come with a stand that allows you to rest your phone on a surface and watch videos. To invest in a preventive measure is clearly a wise option.

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